Skill Challenge

Next meeting I will be introducing another fundamental of DND, the Skill Challenge. *note the rules I will be using will be a little different than what is found in the Player’s Hand Book. A Skill Challenge goes as follows.

1. A goal is set.

In some instances I will lay out what the characters are trying to do but in others I will only present the players with a problem and they will have to agree on a goal together. *note all the players MUST share the same goal.

  • example: There is a tunnel full of all sorts of booby traps and the characters must travel through it to retrieve the ancient relic hidden inside.

2. Initiative

Only players are involved.

3. Test your skills

The first player will choose a skill out of his skill test and roll a D20 against a hidden DC (how high you have to roll). I will inform the player if he succeeded or failed. The players are very encouraged to add there own flavor text.

  • example: The setting is a booby trapped tunnel. The player could add that one of the booby traps is a floor riddle with tiles that if step on send a spear straight up and so he rolls Acrobatics to jump out of the way unharmed. Or he could roll perception to find all the trap tiles and navigate through without setting them off.

4. Added Rules

To add variety to the skills being used I am implementing The Lord Kensington (or Rodrigo’s) rules. First a player cannot reuse a skill if he used it last time. Second a player cannot use a skill that the player just before him used.

  • example: The player order is Bob then Jim. Last turn Jim used Athletics and Bob just used Arcana. Now Jim has to pick a skill other than Athletics or Arcana.

5. Success or Failure.

If the players fail skill tests more than the allotted amount of failures before the number of success required is met, the team fails. I will narrate what happens upon success or failure.

Skill Challenge

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