Princess of the Apocalypse

Lance Rock

Enter the Cave of the Necromancer

Following the lead Kaylessa Irkell gave them the adventures journey to Lance Rock (a large piece of stone, 70 feet in diameter, that is rumored to have been dropped by a dragon flying overhead, piercing the ground) They believe that a necromancer is living there and causing trouble in Red Larch. The suspicions are soon confirmed when the adventures enter the first room they find a group of rotting corpses that come to life when they are touched.

When the adventures had finally finished off the last of the zombies they move deeper into the cave. Being a little more cautious when they enter the next room they first inspect the entrance where they discover another group of zombies ready to ambush them. Having the upper hand they make quick work of the zombie ambushers. When the ambushers were dealt with the group finds in the middle of the room a human chained to the table. Enter Ivon a man traveling to meet the same delegation but was ambushed on his way to Red Larch by a group of zombies. Ivon joins the group and they move on to another room.

In this room the adventures find a very odd group of zombies. One is dressed like a bear, another a Knight, a Queen, and a Jester. Intrigued by the zombies the group sits back and watches them perform simple slapstick melodrama pantomime not realizing that the zombies are using there act to take the adventures by surprise. The fight had by far been the most difficult that the adventures have faced yet taking a lot out of them. The group now takes a little time to recuperate before continuing further into the cave.



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