Princess of the Apocalypse

The Laughing Skull

Rise of a Skeleton Army

The adventures hear rumors about strange things happening around Red Larch. When talking to one of the local shop owners Endrith Vallivoe of Vallivoe’s Sundries, they hear about a small group of travellers that was attacked by a massive army of skeletons. The group decides to investigate a little more before taking action.

When at the local pub Helm of the Highsun the adventurers find a small group of travelers pale and shaking. The party convinces one of the travelers to take them back to where the army attacked them. When they get close the traveler stops and points in the direction of the attack where a sinister laugh can be heard. The party moves in the direction of the laughing and find a skull that has been pinned to a tree by a black arrow. Farquad touches the arrow and the party is thrown back by a massive shock wave and immediately hundreds of skeleton hand pop out of the ground. The army pulls itself out of the ground and starts to attack the adventurers. After failing a Skill Challenge the party is overrun by skeletons and knocked out.

Waking up the group all find themselves on the ground with the same feeling of dread. The army seems to have gone but the skull remains laughing, pinned to a tree. One adventure shoots the skull with an arrow and the skull shatters, falling to the ground and the laughing ceeses. The party instantly realizes that their sense of dread has vanished and they return to town. The small pack of travelers also are in much higher spirits and pay the party for freeing them of the curse.

The party returns to the Swinging Sword Inn where the innkeeper Kaylessa Irkell ushers them over. She tells them her theory of why the cursed skull was there. She offers to pay them to inspect a landmark just outside of town called Lance Rock where she believes an old necromancer dwells and performs all kinds of evil magic.



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