Princess of the Apocalypse

The Adventurers Arrive in Red Larch

Of Bears and Bows

One by one the adventures arrive in Red Larch, each eagerly awaiting the arrival of a special delegation from Waterdeep. Do to the delay of the delegation the adventures find nothing but time on their hands. The local Constable, Huxley finds the characters and seeing that they seem fairly capable asks for assistance in taking down some of the local riff-raft, which he feels poorly suited for accomplishing on his own. For a small sum they agree.

The adventurers stumble across a small encampment just outside of town where a small band of bandits has captured a bear, keeping him locked up in an iron cage. Things quickly become hostile and the party takes out the bandits with the aid of a small pack of naturalists seeking to free the bear. The naturalists decide to join the party when they realize that they are all awaiting the arrival of the same delegation.

The now larger party returns to Red Larch to receive their payment for taking care of the bandits are bringing one back for questioning.



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